Different Varieties Of Stone Pavers

stone pavers

Stone pavers are usually more costly than concrete floors. The cost of stone pavers in canberra varies depending on the material used to build them. They are often built using marble slabs. Marble slabs come in many different colours. They are usually grey to white in colour. Black marble is available commercially too. This is because marble naturally occurs in many different colour shades. Stone pavers made using marble are very slippery. They need to be maintained in order to keep them clean. Stone pavers made using marble are extremely smoother. They are smoother than stone pavers made using similar materials such as bluestone and rocks. This makes them hazardous in some cases. Stone pavers are used outdoors primarily. However, they can also be used indoors. They need very little to no maintenance and can last for years. They need to be polished every few years.

Stone pavers for outdoor use:

Most people do not polish their stone pavers at all. This does not extend their life significantly. Therefore, it is safe to assume that polishing stone pavers does not reduce their useful life. The average life of a stone paved surface is ten to twenty years. With proper care and maintenance, it can be extended by at least fifteen to sixteen years. The installation of stone pavers is quite expensive as compared to other flooring alternatives. Stone pavers cost nearly thrice as much as concrete floors. Concrete floors are cheaper to install but have much shorter useful lives than stone pavers made using natural rocks. Most masons order stone pavers built using marble or another similar stone to concrete floors. Bricks can also be used for making pavements. They present a cheaper alternative to stone pavers. As mentioned above, stone paved surfaces are very long lasting.

Stone pavers for commercial buildings:

Most commercial buildings use stone pavers in canberra these days. They are very durable and can last for decades without  breaking down. Their wear and tear is minimal and hardly noticeable at all. You should prefer stone pavers over brick floors if you can afford them. Most masons have the requite skills for installing stone pavers. You can hire a local mason to help you with the installation of your preferred kind of stone pavers. Most people prefer drab coloured stone pavers for their lawns and gardens. This is why black and brown marble tiles are very popular. They fit nicely with most surroundings. They are universally liked and cost very little as compared to other kinds of floors. They represent an economical choice when it comes to outdoor flooring. They are even cheaper than most wooden floors.