Expectations From A 1st Year Carpentry Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is one of the most common activities that is witnessed all over Australia. Most of you are well aware of the concept and know how it is always the right time to go for it. Once you have all the details sorted for your own and have all the logistics covered, you shall actually be ready to begin the program. Obviously, all of it depends upon the skill and type of job you are planning to cover or the industry you plan on going for which is why we have enlisted some of the basics that will help you go by as to what to expect from your carpenter apprenticeship.

1. Pay

One of the best things about the apprenticeship programs is the fact that you are literally being paid to learn the skills set. While studying in a university makes your debts higher and higher with each passing year, opting for an apprenticeship will make the pay go up as the individual becomes qualified with time? However, the pay you get depends upon the type of industry which is why it cannot be quoted as a general.

2. Tools

One needs to understand the fact that when you are beginning the apprenticeship program, initially you will be borrowing tools from your fellows or other concerned authorities till you get to stock up your own set. However, for the time being when you are using tools of others, make sure that you are being extra cautious and careful about it. One needs to understand the fact that you don’t get quality tools for cheap amount and when you own them yourselves, you will know how important they actually are.

3. Own It

It is pretty obvious that you will make mistakes but you also need to accept the fact that mistakes are known to be a part of learning process and while you do some error on your own, you also need to accept it and own them. Don’t try to pin the responsibility on someone else or look for excuses to get rid of the problem.

4. Early Start

You will have to make a strict routine of the day and might have to start way early than you expected. Starting an apprenticeship program may require you to begin your day as early as possible. So make sure you are getting used to of all the hectic routines and are taking the right amount of sleep accordingly.

So before you head out for the trainee and apprenticeship programs make sure you are fully aware of what you should be expecting during this tenure to not be surprised.