The Art Of Dinning In Gourmet Catering

Not many of us have had a pleasure of dining in a true gourmet catering as these events are quite rare. Gourmet dining is a very fine and pleasant experience as it consists of luxurious and fine quality dishes. The food that is served in a gourmet dining is not your everyday comforts meal in fact they are culinary masterpieces carefully designed to take you on a once in lifetime culinary experience. Anyone can hire a gourmet catering company for their special occasions or corporate events and treat yourself and your guests with the best. People like to spend with an open heart on the occasions that are dear to them so it can be a great opportunity to book gourmet meals for your event.

There are some key features that differentiate regular catering from platters in Sydney and some of these features are mentioned below.

Aesthetically pleasing food

It is a universal fact that you eat with your eyes even before tasting the food that is presented to you. Gourmet catering specifically emphasizes on the aesthetics of the dish presented to the guests. Every ingredient on the plate has a reason to be there, the reason can be taste as well as presentation.


Not only the food is impeccable but the cutlery and table setting also holds great importance in the gourmet dining experience. The table manners are kept in mind while setting the table. The napkins are folded into cute little crafts and the spoons and forks are set according to the international standards. It surely is a luxurious experience in itself. The plates presented are of high quality and the dishes are also a specimen of fine craftsmanship. Visit for further information regarding gourmet finger food catering in Sydney.

Multi-course meals

Every gourmet meal consists of six to seven courses included the appetizers, main courses, side dishes and desserts. The multi course meals might confuse some people into thinking that it might be too much but the portions are kept considerately proportionate and they fill the guests up at just the right capacity. Gourmet catering companies often have set menus of their courses that include dishes of surf and turf, steaks, vegetarian options and exotic ingredients.

Rare and exotic ingredients

Gourmet meals often consist of rare finding ingredients that are not easily found and have a heavy cost. They purposely add these ingredients to make the experience worthwhile for the guests. Many people will taste these ingredients only in gourmet catering in their life as ingredients such as truffles, Kobe beef and squid ink are rare to find and to incorporate into delicious meals.

Table manners

People who go for gourmet dining should take a crash course of table etiquettes and manners on how eat and what spoon, fork and plate to use on which course. A quick internet search can also be quite helpful in this regard.