The Difference Between Domestic Skip Bins And Commercial Skip Bins

Daily about tons of waste is produced from residential, commercial and industrial areas which need to be discarded on its destined place. Different kinds of waste are emptied on different places like the waste which can be burned and then decomposed is dumped at incineration plant while the waste which can be recycled is thrown at recycling depot. Waste differs from solid waste to liquid waste, from organic waste to recyclable waste, etc. There are various things in which waste or garbage is meant to be thrown at like dust bins, skip bins, garbage lorry, etc. Skip is a large container in which waste is discarded at. In this article we are going to focus the topic of difference between domestic skip bins and commercial skip bins.

Skip bins:

Skip bins are the large containers that are mostly open from the top so that people can easily through their waste in to it. They are longitudinal in shape and are quite tough, heavy and durable at the same time. However, skip bins may vary from one another on the basis of their structure. There are open skip bins, closed skips bins, mobile skip bins and roll on roll off skip bins. These skip bins can be hired from a company of skips bins that also provides license of the skip to the customer. Skip bins are needed everywhere from residential areas to commercial areas and from industrial areas to agricultural areas. The main difference that lies between various skip bins of various areas is the difference of size.

Domestic skip bins:

Domestic skip bins, as the name signifies are the skip bins Reservoir that are used in residential areas where people throw their daily waste. Domestic skip bins size usually varies from two cubic meters to eight cubic meters. They are generally smaller in size as the waste produce from domestic activities is comparatively in lesser amount. The type of waste that is dumped in domestic bins is the waste that is produced from home renovations, garden landscaping and wood working projects.

Commercial skip bins:

On the other hand, commercial skip hire Epping can hold about eight cubic meters to thirty cubic meters of waste products. Commercial skip bins are meant for Waste from larger construction or demolition projects. These waste products can also be produced from bigger businesses and extensive commercial or office renovations.


Skip bin is the large container that is especially designed for the waste products to be thrown in it. Skip can be opened or closed from the. It is illegal to throw waste in a skip bin that exceeds the limited amount of waste. The main difference that lies between domestic skip bins and commercial skip bins is the difference in their sizes. Commercial skip bins are comparatively larger than domestic skip bins. Skip bins can be hire from skip companies. ”Gt skips” provides the most reliable and efficient skip bins to their customer and that too in cheap price.