Tools And Techniques Of Asbestos Air Monitoring

Asbestos is a versatile mineral and has many uses in multiple industries. It is most commonly used for construction, plastics and fabrics. It lends strength and durability to whichever material is added to. Historically, it has been a widely available, cost efficient, environmentally friendly and cheap additive to most industrial substances.

Asbestos fibers fly in the air when the crystals from which it is derived are subjected to force, pressure or breakage. These fibers are very dangerous for people and can cause a variety of ailments, the least of which include chronic breathing issues. In the most severe cases, they cause lasting bronchitis and lung cancer. Both of these diseases are incurable and eventually fatal. They make the lives of victims very miserable and are impossible to remove from the bodies. Also, it is very difficult to detect and manually remove the fibers as they are microscopic in size and hard to visually see.

The most common method of removal includes watering the air. Water is dispersed with a high pressure in the air and the fibers stick to it and fall down to the ground where they can be filtered with machines designed for the purpose. This is the oldest used technique and does not require any special training. But when he volume of the fibers present is too high, this method becomes ineffective and it is advised to resort to a more sophisticated technique such as filtering the air.

There is no specific unit designated to measure the amount of asbestos in the air. Most governments require that mines with the risk of exposure to asbestos should have some instruments to measure the amount of asbestos in the air you can have the asbestos clearance. If employers expose workers to higher asbestos concentrations than legally allowed, they can be fined or even have their operating licenses revoked. This is needed because the miners working there are at a serious risk if the levels in the air becomes too high and are in need of legal protections.

A digital air quality monitor that detects solid particles in the air can be used for the purpose. There are professional service providers who measure the quantity of asbestos in the air and provide removal services if needed. The reading is displayed and the air quality can be monitored around the clock. Whenever it crosses a designated threshold, the machine gives a warning and the necessary measures can be taken. This also helps to ensure legal compliance.

Third parties also provide services for proper asbestos air monitoring. Usually, engaging an independent and qualified third party is a regulatory requirement imposed by government agencies. This because they are better equipped to measure the air quality and their reports are more reliable considering their independence.