What Are Bongs, A Brief Discussion?

Bong, Which is also known as water pipe, Bing, or moof is a specially designed apparatus which is normally used for smoking Tobacco, Cannabis and many other herbal materials such as weed. Its functioning resembles to Hubble bubble (Commonly known as Hookah or Shisha). Despite of its functions like Hubble bubble, it is smaller in size and easily portable. A bong is generally an air tight as well as water tight duct vessel which is provided with a bowl or stem apparatus at its bottom which guides the air towards water bowl first and the air while passing through water, is filtrated somehow. That part of a bong is called “Bubbler”. As an air mixing agent, there is a small hole in a bong which is known as carburetor or choke. The person using bong holds the stem and suck the filtered smoke and that’s how the bong is used. This equipment is commonly used in Thailand and many other parts of African countries. For centuries, the Bongs are used in the forms of Bamboo pipes, Glass molds and different modules to smoke weed, Hashish, marijuana and helm plants.

The Bongs and water pipes are was firstly used in china for smoking along with tobacco and then was adapted by Persia. It was one of the most famous method for smoking tobacco but gradually became less popular. With the passage of time, these bongs were made of many materials such as bamboo, Metal utensils like bronze or brass, and few of the rich personalities used the bongs made of silver which were decorated with Jewels. The components of a bong are discussed in detailed as follows:

• A Tobacco container which is usually covered with a lid.

• A Bowl stem

• A water container

• And a draw tube which at least are 3 inches in length. These draw tubes in some cases are up to 12 inches in length.


Bongs have been used for centuries but it is gaining popularity for the past few years because of the betterment and innovation in filtration processes.o Using Bongs for smoking is considered to be the healthiest way to smoke dry herbs.o Water filtration can be a source of eliminating carcinogens and combustion materials through the burned herb.

Importance of water filtration:

The water in the bowl of your bong helps to filter out a huge amount of Tar and this effect is shown in a bong when its water turns brown. But in Modern bongs, these are equipped with new percolators to maximize your smoking sessions

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